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Do Border Collies Dream of Sheep? (co-authored by Denise Wall and Carol Lea Benjamin), tells the story in alternating chapters of two Stilhope dogs: May, who remains on the farm to learn stock work with Denise, and Sky, who travels to New York City to become a service dog for Carol. Here's what the critics have to say:

Two littermates, two contrasting jobs in two starkly different environments make for a spirited and educational read accented with razor-sharp analysis and colorful anecdotes. . . . The authors establish a comfort zone for the reader, smoothly segueing from a trip to a city gym to a sheep-herding trek in the field in their alternating chronological chapters featuring Benjamin’s illustrations and Wall’s photos. . . . Their insight and expertise on the border collies’ psychological growth provides the reader a solid grasp for understanding its incredible versatility and strong work ethic. . . . The authors’ sharply-focused portrait of the border collies’ diverse role in their lives blends a breezy, unassuming charm with compassionate realism into an upbeat read of doggy dynamics. (Ranny Green, Seattle Times pet columnist)

Lassie Come Home, Adam’s Task, The Plague Dogs, White Fang, Winterdance: classic dog books inhabit a mysterious, magical space where two unalike species love and comprehend one another. Do Border Collies Dream of Sheep? is such a classic. . . . Carol Benjamin and Denise Wall have written a beautiful, fascinating book; a book that does full honor to our dogs. (Donald McCaig, author of Nop's Trials, Nop's Hope, Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men, and The Dog Wars)

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